Mission statement

ICSOA wants to dedicate our service to all Australians and Indian citizens in general and Australian Indian Muslims citizens in particular without any recompense or reward but only to satisfy oneself and to please the Supreme Almighty Allah (One God) without preference to any creed, ethnic group or country.


India has the second largest population of Muslims in the world. During the last few decades, Muslims of Indian origin in Australia have contributed in a number of fields throughout Australia. ICSOA has been initiated by Australians of Indian origins in discussion with a group of selected citizens. The organisation was formed in 2016 to facilitate Indian Muslims integration with main stream Australians as well as main stream Indian community in Australia. ICSOA represents a federal networking platform for Indian Muslims migrants in Australia. There are close to 120,000 Indian Muslims in Australia

ICSOA’s objectives

  • Bring Indian Muslims of Australia on one platform as an effective voice
  • Help new migrants in Australia
  • Help our seniors
  • Arrange forums on community needs & issues
  • Motivate youth for active community capacity development
  • Starting Interfaith dialogue, keep peace and harmony in Australia, net-working with other religions & ethnicities of Australia
  • Share and network professional expertise
  • Support arts, cultural links, languages & creative networking
  • Promote links between Australia and India
  • Promote a positive image of Indian Muslims in Australia and dilute the effect of racism and Islamophobia


  • ICSOA's organizational management structure consists:
  • ICSOA-Management committee
  • ICSOA-Sub-committees