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The Indian crescent society of Australia (ICSOA) organised a program on "INTERFAITH PERSPECTIVE ON EDUCATION" in the Parliament of New South Wales on Tuesday 27th November 2018. This program was sponsored by Hon. MP Jihad Dib (Shadow Minister of Education) and co-sponsored by Hon MP Dr Geoff Lee (Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier for Western Sydney and Multiculturalism). Initially, the booking was only for 40 people due to space constraint but instead of closing the RSVP, we accommodated 65 more participants as the interest and response were overwhelmed.

The event was attended by diverse faith and ethnic background migrant communities, academics, representatives of various organisations, NGOs, Politicians, Imams, religious heads of different centres, priests, youths and individuals. Dr Hari Harinath, Chair of the Multicultural NSW was also present at the venue.

This program was moderated by Secretary of ICSOA Mr Fasihuddin Khan. Before the proceeding, Mr Michael West from Aboriginal Land Council organize the "Welcomes to the Country".

The program begins with the recitation of verses from the HOLY Quran by Sheikh Syed Amjad Hussain Zaidi. In his translation, to the verses, Sheikh Amjad said, "KILLING OF AN INNOCENT PERSON IS LIKE KILLING OF ENTIRE MANKIND". This Quranic message was very strong, powerful, clear and it was new knowledge and information for most of the audience & participants.

Consul General of India HE B.Vanlalvawna spoke on the occasion and praised the initiative of ICSOA to organise a program on INTERFAITH. He appreciated and acknowledged Hon. Jihad Dib and Hon. Geoff Lee for their support and cooperation in organising the event.

Secretary Mr Fasihuddin Khan shared the main activities of the organisation and its achievements so far. Audience and participants were very impressed, applauded and appreciated the objective, activities, mission, future goals and achievements of the ICSOA. One of the salient objectives of the ICSOA is to bring people of different faith together via dialogue, knowledge sharing and education.

Mr Abbas Raza Alvi, President of the Indian Crescent Society of Australia, welcomed everyone with a formal acknowledgement of traditional owners of the land. He provided a well-researched data about violence directly or indirectly caused by followers of different faiths. As per data only in 2017, the global impact of worldwide violence was $14.96 trillion that is equivalent to 12.4% of global GDP or $1988 per person. President said, cooperative, constructive, and positive interaction and dialogue should be a routine with the diverse and multi-faith communities. Mr Alvi announced an ANNUAL AWARD on Interfaith, that will be given to those individuals, organisations and corporations who are working towards peace, diversity, inclusiveness, multiculturalism, harmony, tolerant and justice in our society.

Following speakers participated, and they delivered very enlightened and well researched speech. Each speaker spoke on different way to tackle the issue and how to overcome hurdles towards establishing tolerance, peace and harmony.

  1. Sheikh Syed Amjad Hussain Zaidi - Director Imam Ali Centre.
  2. Father Russell Davies - Former Minister Uniting Church.
  3. Ms. Donna Jacobs Sife - School Programs Director.
  4. Pandit Jatin Bhatt - Priest at Sri Mandir.
  5. Prof. Michael Quinlan - Dean at University of Norte Dame.
  6. Dr. Moninder Singh -Councillor of Blacktown Council.
  7. Ms. MadeniaAbdurRahman - President, Together for Humanity.
  8. Ms. Lucia Johns - President, NSW Federation of community Language School.
  9. Hon. Jihad Dib, MP, Lakemba.
  10. Hon. Dr. Geoff Lee, MP, Parramatta.
  11. HE. Mr. B. Vanlalvawna - Consul General of India.
  12. Mr. Hassan Kureshi - President, Friends of Labour.

President, Mr Abbas Raza Alvi acknowledged and appreciated Hon. Jihad Dib and Hon. Geoff Lee by presenting a plaque along with ICSOA executives and members. Plaques were presented by the retired secretary of MEA. Hon Vijay Kumar.

The program concluded with the Vote of Thanks by Treasurer of ICSOA, Mr Abbas Chelat who himself is President of World Malayali Congress. He thanked to dignitaries, guests, speakers, religious leaders and individuals. Mr Chelat appreciated the time of participants, their presence and solicit the support of the entire audience for the future program of ICSOA. He extended an invitation to all guests for coming ICSOA BBQ which is going to be held on Sunday 24th February 2019.

Fasihuddin Khan
Indian Crescent Society of Australia


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