Eating Indian Cuisine around Greece

Emanuel Valageorgiou

My wife and I recently returned from a wonderful trip to Greece and its beautiful islands. On this occasion, we were able to visit Crete, Rhodes, Samos, Santorini and Athens.

The one thing we noticed since our last holiday there in 2008was just how much the local food scene has changed. Back then it was next to impossible to find a restaurant that did not serve a traditional Mediterranean cuisine.

We realised how spoilt for choice we are in Australia where you can dine on cuisine from just about anywhere in the world.

But here we were in Greece again in 2017 and nowadays you can enjoy the culinary delights from many different nations and traditions. So, I should not have been amazed to come across a little gem on the main shopping street of downtown Athens. The restaurant is called Indian Masala and you will find it on the famous Ermou Street at Monastiraki.

But Indian cuisine was not only to be found in Athens. Our travels to the Greek Islands also uncovered some very curry surprises!

For instance, you’ll also find The Jaipur Palace on the beautiful and world-renowned island of Santorini. Apparently its everyone’s dream to be married here and we witnessed many ceremonies during our stay.

One funny story we heard from hotel staff was about a group of Indian guests who ordered Indian food takeaway only to realiselater that they had ordered from a restaurant in Athens. Too far for delivery obviously!

Whilst on the island of Crete we stayed in the picturesque town of Chania. Here you can visit the Krisna Authentic Indian Restaurant which is situated in the newer part of town and not too far from the main restaurant strip in the magnificent harbourside precinct.

Rhodes is a very diverse island full of mediaeval history, Venetian forts, palaces of the Knights Templar and old Ottoman mosques and structures. it’s no surprise to find theSartaj Indian Restaurantlocated by the waterside near to the famous Rhodes Old Town.

So, no matter where you are in Greece and its many islands, a good Indian curry is never far away to satisfy your cravings.