Liverpool Mayor’s Message
Indian Crescent Society of Australia

The launch of the Indian Crescent Society of Australia in the middle of last year provided a voice for Indian Muslims in our community.

More than 5000 Muslim families of Indian origin live in Australia today and many of those families make Liverpool their home.

As elected representatives of one of the most multicultural communities in Australia, Liverpool City Council is proud of our area’s cultural diversity.

Nearly four out of every 10 people living in Liverpool were born overseas and nearly half of the population speak a language other than English.

Our residents come from more than 150 birthplaces and speak 140 different languages.

In Liverpool we have thriving Muslim and Indian communities, with India third highest on the list of overseas birthplaces for our residents, while about 20 per cent of people living in our city are Muslims.

Liverpool City Council recognises the importance of practicing and honouring cultural traditions and customs and welcomes groups dedicated to improving social connections between its members and the broader community, while respecting and upholding Australia’s laws and democratic beliefs.

I commend the Indian Crescent Society of Australia for their work in bringing the community together and their promotion of Indian heritage, culture and the Urdu language.

We welcome their contribution to public life and discussions about our development as a community.

Wendy Waller
Mayor of Liverpool City Council

wendy waller

Wendy Waller
Mayor of Liverpool City Council