ICSOA Newsletter May 2018

This issue of ICSOA Newsletter has been delayed and we sincerely apologise for that.

We have received a number of articles for the Newsletter and a selected few are included in this issue. The article on interfaith dialogue by Aslam Abdullah is exhaustive and very convincing.

There is a lot happening in India which is of great concern.

  1. The treatment of women in general and assault and rape of girls has finally shaken the conscience of all Indians and mobilised people to take action against this scourge. There are positive developments where police, politicians and legislators have taken note to improve the situation.
  2. The brual rape and murder of Kashmiri Muslim girl Asifa and subsequent support of the accused Hindu men by some bigoted lawyers and BJP politicians again mobilised a great majority of Indians throughout the country to stand above communal politics and condemn such atricities irrespective of the religious affiliation of the victim and theperpetrators of such crimes.
  3. The attack on the Aligarh Muslim Univesity by Hinduvta vigilantees and subsequent brutal beating of students by UP police has shaken all Aligarians on a global scale. The incident was portrayed as Jinnah row by the Indian media, again creating communal tensions in the country.

It seems that communal forces are bent upon dividing the country on reliouss lines in order to gain votes, particularly preparing for the national elections in 2019.

All Indians need to be mobilised to shun commual politics, stand above hatred and bigotry and work towards harmony, peace and progress for India of tomorrow.

Zia Ahmad
ICSOA-Media Coordinator

Mr. Abbas Raza Alvi

Mr. Zia Ahmad