Message from Hon Councillor Karen McKeown

As another busy year comes to a close it is time to take a moment to reflect on all the positives in our lives and what we have achieved throughout the year. I know for me in Penrith, it is also a time to give thanks for friends and family and also for the inclusive diverse community that we enjoy. In Penrith, our communities speak 30 different languages and identify themselves with 24 different faiths. I also recognise that issues around culture and language can sometimes lead to social isolation and this is something that I am committed to overcome.

At this time of the year, I take this opportunity to promote mutual respect, peace and harmony for all our communities and faiths including ICSOA. As Chair of the Penrith Multicultural Working Party and elected Councillor I wish everyone of all faiths a safe holiday season and a Happy Christmas.


Karen McKeown
Penrith City Council

Karen McKeown

Hon Councillor Karen McKeown