Message from Hon Laurie Ferguson

I am genuinely honoured to convey best wishes to the Indian Crescent Society of Australia. My residence, political role and lifelong interest in other nations and cultures has allowed me frequent interaction with Indian Muslims. I note many valuable groups whether AMU Alumni graduates or aged care advocates working to advance Australia.Your endeavours for diversity, knowledge and cooperation are commendable.

Christmas is not only a religious event but has an essence of goodwill and friendship. My wife remarked of seeing a young Muslim mother with her children the other day and the enraptured joy that spread across her face observing local Christmas decorations. We need more of this and less politically manufactured enmity.

Laurie Ferguson

Laurie Ferguson

Hon Laurie Ferguson

Hon Laurie Ferguson is one of very few Australian politicians who were highly respected by the community during their tenure as well as after the retirement. He was the federal member of parliament since 1990 and has served as Parliamentary Secretary for Multicultural Affairs and Settlement Services from 2007 to 2013. Laurie was also the member of the legislative assembly of NSW from Granville between 1984 to 1990