Message of ICSOA’s President

From the last few years there has been agrowing feeling of discomfort in India which is impacting not only minorities (Muslims & Christians and Sikhs) but also Hindus. India has always been a secular country. Hindus and Muslims have lived together since ages but the growing power of radical elements overshadows the unity and harmony of India and brings difficulties for a common person.

The recent incident surrounding AMU has been condemned all over the world by the Indian community. As an alumni of AMU, I received several messages of concern from the Indian Muslims all over the world about this matter. AMU has always been fully committed to the unity and integrity of India. Mr L K Advani as Deputy Prime Minister of India visited Jinnah’s grave and called him a great secular leader. Jinnah was given the life membership of the student union in 1938. Prestige life time membership was also given to Mahatma Gandhi, Jawarhar Lal Nehru, Chandrashekhar Azad and BR Ambedkar. Pictures/ portraits of all those who were involved in the independence of India are hanging on the walls of Union Hall as history.

At Around 11.30 AM on 2nd May, a group of right wing radical activists tried to enter the AMU campus through Bab-E-Syed (The main gate of AMU). They were shouting provocative slogans demanding the portrait of Mohammad Ali Jinnah, hung in Union hall, to be taken down. It is important to mention that Hon Hamid Ansari was supposed to address the union in the same hall on the same day. Radical elements came loaded with sword and rods. This all resulted in serious injuries to AMU students. A journalist has also reported that their target was Hon Hamid Ansari who is continuously pushing for the need of re-establishing Hindu-Muslim unity in India. He and his wife were shocked with this incidentand it is indeed ashock for all of us in Australia.

AMU-ex students are well settled and established all over the world. Representatives of AMU Alumni Australia (Dr Azhar Nomani, Mrs Saba Shahid, Dr Sami Syed, Mr Zamir Ahmed& Samir) have also visited Canberra and submitted their concern to Dr Gondane High Commissioner of India.

We all condemn this actof non-human behaviour of the radical elements. Our Sympathy is with those students and their families who were injured. We request Indian authorities to please control such acts in the future. India has always been a secular country and Indians should enjoy this freedom.

To our Members in Australia, I request you all to show and demonstrate love and peace message to everyone.

Lastly, may the upcoming auspicious month of Ramzaan bring love in our hearts for every one and fulfil our obligation to serve the most needy humans of the world.

May Allah, give all of us respect for each other. Let us join, wish and pray for the establishment of the peace & harmony all around the world.

Abbas Raza Alvi
[email protected]

Hon Hamid Ansari is the immediate past vice president of India, who have served as Indian High Commissioner of Australia in Canberra. Hamid Bhai was the mentor and motivator of the Australian Indian community. He is well regraded and has played a key role to establish Indian business association like AIBC, AIBA, AICC and AMU Alumni in Australia . Our senior members Dr Qazi Ashfaq, Mr Shamim Ishaq (Brisbane) & Mr Zafar Siddiqui have worked closely with Hamid Bhai during his tenure as HCI in Canberra.

Mr. Abbas Raza Alvi

Abbas Raza Alvi