Message of ICSOA’s President

We are moving towards the end of this year.During this year, ICSOA arranged a number of events and some of our major events were:
  • Health forum on Cardiology
  • Community forum in partnership with Indian Consulate on issues of Indian Visa and OCI matters
  • Health forum in partnership with the Blacktown Council on Obesity
  • Community blood donation drive in partnership with Red Cross and MEFF
  • Legal forum in partnership with CMRC and NSW police

It is nice to see how well ICSOA is establishing with the help from all of you.

However, during our good times, we should also remember the incidences of terrors all around the world because of which innocent humanity is effected without any fault.

It is sad to mention that during the last few months, we have seen terror attacks in Barcelona, attack in London Tube and massive ongoing massacre of Rohingiyas. There are newborns and seniors of 80 years old. Some of them starve for days and die due to this.

But indeed there is light at the end of the tunnel. We see how other religious peoples like Sikhs have arranged the preparation and supply of food for thousands whose houses have been burnt down or those who do not have any home.

Deaths, tortures, rapes, mass removals of humans, burning of bodies, properties and such acts are only spreading terror, fear and disunity in the community

Our thoughts and prayers go to all of them irrespective of their faith, religious beliefs & genders.

During the last 2 forums of ICSOA, we have kept silence of 1-2 minutes for those who were killed in terror attacks

Let us join, wish and pray for the establishment of the peace & harmony all around the world.

Abbas Raza Alvi
President – ICSOA
[email protected]

Mr. Abbas Raza Alvi

Abbas Raza Alvi