Request from the ICSOA member Mr Chand Guliyara and Mr Gulamrasul Chepuwala to support the distribution of grocery packets in India during Ramzaan 2018

Nothing wrong to say "When we manage to help little in this world, we should be thankful to them because they are managing and help in making our Aakhira better. May Allah will accept our good deeds. Aameen

As-Salāmu Alaykum

Alhamdulillah, with the great grace of Almighty Allah and with great support we managed to distribute 100 Food/grocery packets of below items in last year Ramadan in India to poor and needy people.

We are looking forward to do the same in this Ramadan as you know that the holy month of Ramdaan is just two weeks away and we need the same support and help this year. May Almighty Allah will reward all of us in the life hereafter.

The cost of the Food packet includes 1 Ladies dress is near about AUD 50.00 (INR 2500.00) which also includes below items.

  1. Wheat 15 kg.
  2. Rice 10 Kg.
  3. Toor Daal/Lentil 3 Kg.
  4. Sugar 5 kg.
  5. Cooking Oil 3 Kg.
  6. Tea 500 gm
  7. Custard 1 pkt
  8. China Grass 1 pkt
  9. Chili & coriander Powder
  10. 100 gm Almond
  11. 50 gm Pistachio
  12. 100gm Cashewnuts
  13. 100gm Dry dates
  14. 250gm Dry Cocunut
  15. 250 gm Vermicelli
  16. 50 gm Charoli/Chironji

Your generous charity In Sha Allah will help the needy people.

Below are the bank details to transfer the money

Gualmrasul Chepuwala
BSB - 012 220
A/C # 507823225

For further information & query, please contact :.

Chand Guliyara Gulamrasul Chepuwala
+61 402 289 963 +61 433 958 446
[email protected] [email protected]