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Message from President

The launch of ICSOA's website on Sunday 8th July in MEFF was a successful milestone for us. It is a pleasure to announce our members on this significant achievement. This was the dedication of the ICSOA-IT team.


Message from Media Coordinator

This issue of ICSOA Newsletter has been delayed and we sincerely apologise for that. We have received a number of articles for the Newsletter and a selected few are included in this issue.The article on interfaith dialogue by Aslam Abdullah


News from Australia


Community dialogue on IT & digital communication

Monday 27th August 2018, Ed Husic MP, Shadow Minister of IT and Communication, shared his views with Muslim IT professionals of Indian origin over a dinner arranged by ICSOA at Himalaya Restaurant, Granville. By Zahid Alam



ICSOA's website www.icsoa.org.au launched on 8th July 2018

Indian Crescent Society of Australia has launched its website on 8th July 2018 in MEFF multicultural festival. Xpansion Technologies has been involved with ICSOA from its By Iqtedar Abdi



News from India


Unani System of Medicine in India - A Legacy of Hippocratic Medicine

In the history of Greek medicine, Aesclepius was the first physician who introduced the art of medicine from Egypt into Greek about one thousand year BC. By Dr Syed Ziaur Rahman

Creative corner


Om Kishan Rahat -An urfogatable poet of Urdu

Om Krishan Rahat a great classical poet of his time passed away in Sydney. Om Krishan Rahat was one of the great classical Urdu Poet, well known and recognised by wider URDU community of Indian sub-continent.  Fasih Uddin Khan




Can we ignore the effects of pollution

India has observed the World Environment Day 2018 on 5 June 2018. There are various Indian initiatives to combat climate change. This year, in particular, the environmental theme was "beat plastic bottles pollution". By Abbas Raza Alvi


Health Cornoer


Prevention of Cold & Flue

With winter comes the season of Cold and flu! We have all had our fair shares of cold or flu episodes several times in our lives. The unpleasant symptoms of runny or stuffy nose, chills, fevers, body aches and coughs are familiar to most of us. Dr Mohammed Affan Guliyara


Arthritis of the hip & knee joint

Keeping our joints healthy is crucial to our daily lives, especially as we age. However, almost four million Australians suffer joint arthritis, Dr Suleman Qurashi

Our Youth


Saquib Akhunji

Saqib Akhunji, a student of Sydney Grammar School, has obtained 97.45 ATAR in HSC and also secured admission in a highly competitive medical program at Bond University, Saquib Akhunji


Zaid Mansuri

Zaid Mansuri, a student of Alpha Omega Senior College, has obtained 95.34 ATAR in HSC and secured admission in Bachelor Zaid Mansuri

Our World


700 years old Masjid in Xian, China

Masjid is located in the city of Xian, Province of Shanxi, China and was constructed by the Ming Dynasty. Masjid is an absolute architectural beauty and historical masterpiece. Entire Qur'an is written on the wall of the Masjid.

Announcements & Future events


ICSOA-Community Health Seminar

Date - Saturday 13th October 2018
Time: 2 PM to 4:30 PM
Venue: Berala Community Centre, 98-104 Woodburn Road, Berala NSW 2141


Interfaith & Religious Unity event

Date & Venue - TBA


Bunnings Fundraising BBQ

Date - Saturday 20th October 2018
Time: 7: AM to 04 PM
Venue: Bunnings Group Limited Cnr Hollinsworth and Richmond Rds, Marsden Park 2765.


Multicultural Harmony BBQ

Date & Venue - TBA


Next issue of ICSOA-Newsletter

Shall cover topics on:

World Pollution,

Peace & Harmony

Please email input on contact@icsoa.org.au



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