Dubai wake up - A Christian at Dubai Airport

As a Christian, I have grown to believe in prayer when I want to talk with God. However, I am aware of, and respect, others' belief in different approaches.

Over the years, I have read a number of English novels where reference was made to the "muezzin's Call to prayer". I have also visited Buddhist countries where there would be a 24 hour prayer rotation broadcast for 7 days. I personally found that a bit disconcerting.

For reasons of cultural heritage, and probably a degree of cultural anxiety, I have never spent time in a predominantly Muslim country.

Recently, returning from Brussels to Sydney on Emirates, I had to wait in Dubai Airport from shortly after midnight until about 9 am for my flight to Sydney. At about 4:25 am the speakers sprang into life and I noticed a number of people head off to prayers. It didn't take long to realise that I was hearing what I had previously only read about.

The call to prayer lasted a full 5 minutes and I was a bit surprised to find that I quite enjoyed it. It was quite melodious and, though I didn't understand a word, I didn't find it intrusive.

Phil Crawford is a 3rd generation descendant of Scottish and English forebears. Lived in rural NSW until early high school after which moved to live in Sydney.
His father was a Presbyterian minister, though he had taught English and History in earlier life.
He married a Mexican lady. Phil has travelled to a number of countries and learnt that people speaking in another language are not necessarily hiding the conversation from him.
He has always been a bit scared of travelling to India because of the immense population.


Phil Crawford