Moving Forward

Moving Forward Together Association Inc
ABN: 3798 7942180
An Initiative of the B’nai B’rith Alfred Dreyfus Anti Defamation Unit
President: Ernie Friedlander OAM, Vice Presidents: Benjamin Chow AM, Dr David Golovky AM
Hon Treasurer: Associate Professor John Langdale, Treasurer: Agnes Heffernan

It is wonderful to see the emerging of an organization, with such shared ideals and visions.
Our organisation was instigated by the B’nai B’rith Alfred Dreyfus Anti Defamation Unit, wanting a more pro-active approach to deal positively with the negatives that keep coming up constantly.

In 2010 the Alfred Dreyfus Unit published a book called “ The Without Prejudice Book – Towards a Harmonious Society”. This sets out exactly the issues we need tackle with a concerted effort. As there is prejudice, discrimination, stereotyping going on in everyday life it is an enormous task.

There is a lot of bright light at the end of the tunnel. Having read the principles ICSOA it is reassuring that here is an organisation with wider views, having on their agenda – HUMANITY first. It will go a long way in dealing with many challenges that we need to address.

We can’t just leave it for the politicians to solve our concerns. We strongly believe that by getting to know each other better – taking away the fear of the unknown – bridges of understanding and co-operation will be achieved. Picking the others brain objectively, not getting restrained by our own vested interests will be a win win situation. At admitting errors or having a little self doubt will go a long way.

Our highly successful Harmony projects are a perfect example of the spirit of goodwill and talent we can draw on. Almost all people are decent and caring individuals. At times they get bogged down by complacency, distractions and having a bad experience with a particular person, blurring their vision.

We constantly see the difficulties our politicians face, pulling the other apart at almost every opportunity, creating havoc ! How can anyone govern under such circumstances? There seems to be little regard for positive outcomes for the public. Last year we had “Stop, Think - Consider Others” as the theme for our “Harmony Day Poster & Song Writing “ competitions. I am attaching it – sharing insight into the way it was expressed by a 13 year student. This is what the media also needs to have a good look at, before trying to focus mainly on sensationalism, disregarding the damage it causes.

Addressing our joint focus of COMMUNITY HARMONY, even though it is “Common Sense” there are many who quietly will throw spanners into our path. We believe that Step by Step we will overcome these obstacles. We need to work together – getting sufficient exposure – not just lip service, from the media, the corporate world, the work force – from all walks of life.

We need to sit down initially with the like minded and work out the structure, the strategy and agreed tactics to achieve it. Then we can go forward to get the bystanders to wake up to the fact that their world will be damaged by inaction. They need to get out of their complacency – for the common and their own good. I believe and hope we can achieve it together. Wishing you every success for all your efforts.

Ernie Friedlander President

ernie friedlander

Ernie Friedlander