Terrified by mass media“ Greatest Terrorist)

Gurvinder Singh (Guru Wonder)

If terrorism is based on creating fear, then the greatest terrorism is inflicted by the media- SimenValom

In spite of what we are informed, and the occasional violence, the world is experiencing the most peaceful phase in known history.

Yet we are terrified. Very afraid, of so many things and yet we cannot really figure out what it is that we are so afraid of. Anything and everything seems to trigger fear.

Where does this fear come from? Who or what is it that is feeding this paranoia? Why?

Behavior of humans like all living creatures is driven by self-preservation, which in turn tends to make us suspicious and fearful of anything different, or unusual. It’s only natural that the more fearful we become, the more information we seek out.

This is the fundamental driving force of the media, the monetizing of news, and nothing is more profitable than fear, and uncertainty.

What if there is no bad news or filth? No problem, the media can always manufacture some for us. The desperate search for bad things which they call ‘newsworthy events’.

We are fed with such vast amount of negative news that, we have come to believe that people, communities, and organizations are generally evil. That criminality, violence, and terror are the norm. Family, friendship, trust, love, honesty, humanity, sincerity, compassion and commitment are now sadly viewed as 'old fashioned'.

Media preys on the intellectually weak and lazy. Those amongst us, that are unable to or do not care to think for ourselves, the media provides readymade 'facts' and opinions to us.

We may often dislike the media but we are addicted to them. Like all peddlers of addicting things, the media too has to keep on increasing the dosage for addicts.

Fed on a news diet of terror and fear, our societies are increasingly becoming dysfunctional and paralyzed. People so desperate for escape from fear that they will sacrifice their own freedom and rights to anyone who can convince them that they have the ability to take that fear away.

In spite of this situation one need not despair.

The era of mass media news is slowly dying, especially the print media. Television news as we have known it is also on a one-way downward slide albeit a slower one.

Technology now permits anyone with an opinion or 'fact', armed with a small computer or smartphone to get on the internet and using social media, connect directly to the hearts and minds of many others, sharing emotions and thoughts without middle men. Everyone is an audience member as well as a broadcaster.

Gathering, publishing and distribution of news and analysis, is now not in the hands of a few elitists standing on a pedestal but belongs to the people.

It said that armies may be stopped, but not an idea whose time has come. Social media and peer to peer information exchange is an idea whose time has long arrived.

Social media has made it possible for democratization of information. Meaning information exchange and the narrative is now, of the people for the people and by the people.

Democracies can be messy, leading to too much noise and clutter, but not many people are complaining. In a democracy people come in all shades and types. They can be idiotic, mean, vicious and devilish, but they also come across as deep, brilliant, wonderful, kind and divine.

Humanity is not perfect, and there is much that is not right or good, but there is also much that is good. In the end we find what we seek. If we remain positive, good news and results are bound to come to us.