Comments of our youth who recently finished the High School

ICSOA wishes them to complete their further higher studies and serving the Australian community

Adnan Kureshi

The HSC journey for me particularly was one that I really enjoyed and now since that time has passed, I look back at it with great nostalgia. I found my HSC experience very enjoyable mainly because I was doing subjects that I found to be fun and interesting, and an example of such a subject was physics. It was the fact that I really liked physics that helped me to choose the degree that I wanted to pursue, which is currently Bachelor of Engineering (Aero) Honours at the university of Sydney. For many people it may seem that the year of HSC is one that must be entirely academically oriented but this could not be further from the truth, during the HSC year I highly recommended that students aim to achieve that delicate work-life balance. Ensuring that enough time is dedicated towards academics but at the same time ensuring that a reasonable amount of time is spared for a variety of extracurricular activities alike that of volunteering, leadership seminars and sports. It was these very extracurricular activities that alongside my academics aided me to achieve an USYD scholarship, hence showing academics alone can only get you so far and that one must be well rounded, excelling academically as well as pursuing extracurricular activities. But the most important message for all students about to embark into their own HSC journey is to have fun and enjoy your time within the HSC, it will surely be a memory that will accompany you throughout your greater journey that awaits you after the HSC.

Alina Jafar

HSC, is known to many as the final destination for choosing your career pathway. Alhumdullilah I was able to get into Computer Science due to the amount of hard work, motivation and dedication I put in within the year. HSC has not only made my academic view stronger but has shaped me as an individual, it has taught me many lessons that I can implement into Uni and my future life, allowing me to strive for the best. HSC did bring many pros and cons. I was so keen to end the journey of HSC to begin my new chapter of life but devastated to leave my friends and teachers. Best tip that motivated me to keep going was, HSC is just one year of hard work that can allow you to reach and fulfil your goals.

Ayman Ahmed

I recently completed the HSC. My most enjoyed subject in year 12 was Mathematics, and I plan to do Civil English in UNSW. My personal story during the HSC was rocky and full of disappointments, mainly due to one wrongful choice that I made in year 11. I decided that during this year, I can relax, and that I would start working harder in year 12. This resulted in me beginning year 12 at the bottom, and I had to work harder later in the year. My personal advice is to never underestimate the work at school, and the best way to gain drive to do that is to fix a goal for your future.

Fariha Javed

I recently graduated from Al-Faisal. I studied legal, business, bio, adv English and 2-unit math which are content heavy subjects. To deal with this I ensured I effectively managed my time ensuring each subject was revised equally. Advice that I would give to students is to ensure that they surround themselves with support, manage their time effectively ensuring not to spend 100% of their time studying but also to do the things you enjoy and lastly to use the knowledge they’ve learnt towards bettering their communities.

Huma Sadulla

The HSC marks some of the most stressful moments of our school life. Time-management is the principal factor impacting the results. To future students, ensure you plan a practicable timetable and follow it- assigning enough time towards all subjects, along with allocating, recreational time to refresh and remain motivated.


During my HSC journey I mainly focused on enjoying my final years of school. My daily routine would be balanced such that I spent time, having fun with my friends while also studying for the HSC. Group study was beneficial helping us find our weakness’s and improve them.

Rayyan Khan

The HSC was not a steep mountain, it just took a long time to scale. Initially I never took it seriously, and not knowing what I wanted to do in university meant that it was hard to motivate myself. However, I rolled with the punches and thought of the view when I finished scaling. I could easily go down and thrive in mediocrity or finish with the satisfaction that I'd conquered all doubt. Choosing the latter was, of course, hard. However, I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a worthwhile journey, as the view proved to be excellent. I now I have bigger mountains to climb, and the HSC has given me the courage to do so.

Safa Rashid

I completed the HSC in 2019. In the course of HSC, I most enjoyed Mathematics and Physics, which guided my decision to study Electrical Engineering at the University of Sydney as a Dalyell Scholar.
My HSC journey was marked by a critical decision in which I stood strong with what I had chosen before. My utter faith in myself in my decision making also allowed me to do my best throughout the year. Knowing one self’s strengths and weakness is necessary in understanding which subjects you undertake in the final two years of schooling.
A key strategy of mine is to organise your workload, and to balance your time between subjects. Having a to-do list helped me to focus on completing smaller, more achievable goals that helped me revise and practise the content I have learned.
Also having no smartphone was a key factor in my HSC year.
It is also important that one doesn't overly stress over the HSC. It is crucial to have a strong friend group and even just a hotline to your closest person, whether that be your parents or otherwise.

Syed Hamza Kaliyadan

I completed my HSC in 2019 at Cherrybrook Tech HS. I am now pursuing a degree in Computer Science and Science at UNSW. My most cherished times are those that I spent with my friends, most of whom I won’t see as often or maybe ever again. I’ve also learnt a few things about myself that I didn’t know prior – how I deal with stress, how I learn more effectively, how I can calm myself down and a lot more. Advice I would give to others who will attempt the HSC is to work consistently, even if it is only a little, and understand that moderate stress is normal, healthy and improves performance although extreme stress will only worsen performance.

Syed Hussain

I graduated from Moorebank HS and enrolled in bachelor’s Physiotherapy WSU. I am diligent and perseverant with long-term goal to build a healthier community by virtue of restoring physical functioning in patients. I wish to introduce physical health programs suitable to all age groups to build a healthier community.