Message from Media Coordinator

ICSOA Newsletter May 2017

The two-monthly ICSOA newsletters are gaining popularity amongst readers as well as writers as indicated by the contribution of high quality articles submitted by a diverse group of people.

ICSOA continues to receive messages of support from politicians, academics, professionals and community leaders for its activities and programs. This edition of the newsletter carries a large number of mostly original articles on issues facing our community here in Australia as well as some commentary on developments in India.

There is an excellent article on the fuss about Azaan in India by Anupam Bordoloi that traces the history of Azaan in Assam.

Azaan or the melodious call to prayer from the mosques has been part and parcel of Indian culture for more than a thousand years. Although specifically it is a call for the faithful reminding them of prayer, it echoes in almost all villages and towns of India reminding of greatness of God for people of all faiths.

All Indians, be they Muslims or belonging to other faiths like Hindus, Christians or Sikhs, they all calibrate their daily life with the pronouncement of Azaan five times in a day and they have been doing this in multicultural India for centuries.

It is important that Indian tradition of interfaith tolerance and harmonious living does not become a victim of communial hatred espoused at some quarters for political gain.

Zia Ahmad
ICSOA-Media Coordinator

Mr. Abbas Raza Alvi

Mr. Zia Ahmad