Premier of Western Australia

It is with pleasure that I extend my best wishes to the Australian Indian Muslim communities and the readers of the Indian Crescent Society of Australia's newsletter. In Western Australia, we are fortunate to have strong and thriving Indian and Muslim communities, who have made significant contributions to the social, cultural and religious vibrancy of Western Australia.

Western Australian Indian Muslims are productive and valued citizens and have a long and successful history of settlement and commitment to Australia.

WA's Indian Muslim communities have increased the prosperity of this State through their work in all fields of endeavour, including the professions, business, education, government and the community.

They have also been instrumental in contributing to and promoting harmonious relations between members of different cultures, and encouraging everyone to celebrate diversity.

On behalf of the Government of Western Australia, I send my very best wishes to the Indian Muslim communities of Australia for the upcoming holy month of Ramadan.

Hon Gladys Berejiklian MP

Hon Mark McGowan PREMIER of WA