New born babies’ deaths in India

During the month of August, when India was celebrating 70th independence year, we were all pained beyond words by the tragic deaths of new born children in UP hospitals due to lack of Oxygen or proper care. There have been a number of reports in recent months of alleged negligence in Indian hospitals. In fact, just this month, doctors declared a live baby in India as dead which was discovered alive on the way to funeral. It was shocking for all of us and we all were heartbroken to learn about this.

There are several causes and blames that were made by the politicians and reported in the media. However the fact is that regardless of children’s death or improper care, it is important for the health departments and governments to look into and fix.

We should consider the under mentioned figures recorded by UNICEF as highly alarming:

Every year 660,000 babies die in India within the first 28 days of their birth due to preventable diseases

1.15 Million children die every year before their 5th birthday

Indian doctors and health professionals should wake-up and take immediate action.

Mrs Farida Alvi

Farida Alvi has been in the in the child care industry as a child educator for twenty five years and she continues to be devoted to her passion in working with children. She enjoys reading books by various authors both fiction and non-fiction.